Natural Nail Manicure Course:

In this course you will learn:

  1. Natural Nail Manicure
  2. Spa Manicure
  3. Nail Anatomy, Nail Disorders and Sanitization
  4. Nail Shapes
  5. Application of Lac It! (gel polish) on Finger
  6. How to remove Lac It! correctly.

Class Kit includes:

  1. 6 Lac It! Gel Colors
  2. 15ml Base Coat
  3. 15ml Top Gloss
  4. 125ml Prep & Clean
  5. Nail Prep Sticks
  6. 180/180 File
  7. 240/240 File
  8. 3ml Renew & Repair
  9. 15ml Fibre Gel
  10. 15ml Super Bond
  11. Cuticle Nippers
  12. Cuticle Pusher

Simply Fills Course:

In this course you will learn:

  1. Removing lifting correctly
  2.  Nailing the shape and finishing touches
  3. Application of Self Levelers – Simply Clear and White
  4. Application of colour gel
  5. Application of colour gel on tip
  6.  French Fills
  7. Nail Art

Class Kit Includes

  1. 7ml Connector
  2. 5ml SIMPLY Clear
  3. 5ml SIMPLY Blush
  4. 5ml SIMPLY White
  5. 5ml SIMPLY Colour Gel
  6. 15ml Super Shine
  7. 125ml Prep & Clean
  8. 50pc Forms
  9. 50pk Assorted Tips – Flat
  10. 50pk Assorted Tips – Curved
  11. 3g Tip Adhesive
  12. Sculpting Brush
  13. 1 x 180/180 Zebra

Sculptured Perfection Course:

In this course you will learn how to sculpt nails using forms using the 3-step system

  1. Customizing forms
  2. Pink & White Application
  3. Preparing the free edge for fills, removing lifting correctly
  4. Nailing the shape and finishing touches
  5. Nail Art
  6. Building Your Business

Class Kit Includes

  1. 7ml Connector
  2. 7ml Modeling Resin
  3. 7ml French Modeling
  4. 7ml Sealer
  5. 7ml Soft Pink Modeling
  6. 125ml Prep & Clean
  7. 50pc Forms
  8. Sculpting Brush
  9. 1x 180/180 Zebra
  10. 1x 100/100 Zebra
  11. Block Buffer
  12. 3ml Renew & Repair
  13. Dust Brush
  14. 50pk Assorted Tips – Flat
  15. 50pk Assorted Tips – Curved
  16. 3g Tip Adhesive

Loyalty Program Or Distance Training Program – All three courses for $2375.00 + GST

We at NV Academy believe you will achieve the greatest success in creating nail enhancements at a salon level by enrolling in all three of our offered courses.

Online training program also available!

Course Sizes

In order to provide quality one-on-one instruction, sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 people. To secure your place, early registration is recommended.


A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due at time of registration for each course. This will be deducted off the course cost.

If you are a Loyalty member, there will only be a one-time registration fee (deposit) of $300.00.

Total amount is due first day of each class. Loyalty members are to pay full amount of all three courses the first day of the Natural Nail Manicure Course.

To register for our courses, or to get more information please contact our office at 250-391-1912 or via email

Thank you for your interest in our nail courses.