Thank you for your interest in our nail technician training courses. We believe that an excellent product is the first step in creating excellent nails, and that’s why we are proud to offer courses based on the en Vogue Sculptured Nail System. We offer four nail technician courses that can be taken individually, with certification after each course; however we highly recommend joining our loyalty program, your kits will be included to achieve the greatest success in creating (beautiful) nail enhancements (that are in demand).

Locally manufactured but internationally renowned, en Vogue takes pride in offering a superior product that features no odor, no vapors, no primer, no harsh chemicals, non-porous, non-yellowing, and flexible, with a natural look.

Our courses are heavy on the practical side, giving our students hours of hands-on experience so that they leave with the technical skills and the confidence to create superior nail enhancements.

We believe in continued support for all our students, so whether you want to start a salon, work as an employee, or work from home, we will guide you to success.

About NV Academy

  1. professionalism and hygiene
  2. anatomy of the nail
  3. sterilization and disinfection practices
  4. nail shapes, and the disorders and diseases that affect them
  5. preparation and procedures
  6. forms, fills, and repairs
  7. gel polish techniques
  8. equipment and implement techniques
  9. salon expectations as an employee
  10. theory and practical exams

Nail Certification Courses

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En Vogue Sculptured Nail System

Course 1: Natural Nail Lac it

         Course 2: CBS intro to Sculpting

Course 3: Sculptured Perfection

Course 4: Simply Fills

Loyalty Program – All 4 Courses with your kits included. (Online learning at this time.)

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